Brokerage: Tenant/Buyer Representation

NAI Panama's Landlord Representation team provides expert market knowledge throughout Panama and Central America to help our clients identify real estate trends and opportunities.Your location impacts more than your company’s image. For most companies, real estate is the second largest line item in an operating budget, and where you are located can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity, corporate image, and employee morale.

A good tenant representation broker will save a company 4-5 times the cost of their fee (typically paid by the landlord). Skilled negotiation tactics, detailed research, and knowledge of your market and its owners allow us to help you by brokering your lease while you focus on your day-to-day business.

NAI Panama provides valuable information covering a wide range of tenant services, including:

  • Tactical and Strategic Planning
  • Demographic and Location Consulting
  • Renewals, Expansions & Relocations
  • Survey and Building Selection
  • Disposition of Excess Space/Subleasing
  • Space and Financial Analysis
  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Rental Rate & Tenant Improvement Negotiations